Tradisional Venison and preserves

Products for sale in restaurant

The products listed here and for sale is truly unique and most only for sale in Meating with unique stories

Limited edition preserves per season

We have searched hard and far to get the best of traditional preserves and have available green fig preserves, Apricot jam and spiced beetroot preserves that you will get now where else besides meating. The stories will follow soon

Fresh frozen venison meats for sale.

We specialise in South Africa's traditional meat and sell our handmade patties, warthog cheese sausage, kudu fillet, springbok fillet, gemsbok fillet kudu sausage, springbok sausage, springbok carpaccio and more. All our meats are carefully selected and sourced and all transported in from as far as the red dune country of the Kalahari.

Organic free range wild game 

All meats are as organic as you can get and as it was since the beginning of time