Nice to meat you.

The Place to Meat.

Meating is a restaurant located in the beautiful "Harbour road" waterfront development in Kleinmond overlooking the harbour. It has a mixture of mind blowing views of ocean, mountains and clouds and the picturesque street with a unique ambience.
Cooking with ingredients that travel from the wild corners of our South Africa to meet in your eyes and mouth.

At Meating we prepare popular but unique indigenous dishes inspired by our country’s beauty and by bringing together , food, TRAVEL and images (photography).

There's always a time to “meat”.

The name Meating's emphasis is on both to Meet (gathering) and to enjoy the best "meat" the country can offer. At Meating you can enjoy good quality specially sourced and transported by ourselves, mostly venison meat as well as some meat alternatives.

Meating's location makes it the ideal place to have a good hearty and unique indigenous meal with a perfectly paired wine, with stories that seem to be synced with ours by the winemakers. Read more about it in the brochures available from the waiters.

The images displayed in the restaurant are for sale in any size and on any medium. There is a gallery on the website below to choose from. Click below.

veld kos

Home made organic, non GMO, limited amounts, Ingredients for sale at meating.

We pride ourselves as a food destination that bring together stories of food, travel and filming. We have a range of "veld kos" and traditional herbs and meats for sale at the restaurant.

NEW- marula jelly/jam

Joe Travelled on a filming trip through South Africa and sourced single origin marula from right next to the Kruger park where wild animals have fertilised the trees that produced the marula fruits used in the preserve. He also found only one woman producing these supporting a family way out in the bushveld. 

Organic venison, individually selected game meat

Organic venison or game sourced and transported from the corners of South Africa.

The foundation of our meat dishes are venison personally selected and transported our self for you to experience meat as it was meant for the inhabitants of South Africa. Our springbok patties are made from red dune springbok sourced from the most northern Kalahari by the owners and spiced as per our secret. It is only sold in meating. Similarly our gemsbok fillet, vlakvark wors and other cuts.

Indigenous herbs, chutneys.

image Above; " swart storm flower"

Special and indigenous "veldkos" preserves. (These all used in recipes ) but only for sale when in season.

Owner Joe Lategan travels far and wide on filming excursions and always search for that unique ingredients made by people in wild places. So our "spekboom" chutney, "Wild cucumber" chutney and preserve, "Brakbos" chutney, "haaskos chutney", "cancerbush", "Honey bush" and "buchu" basting.

Handmade limited edition Preserves only available at meating.

Unique preserves only available at meating.

You will not get this elsewhere. Our green fig preserve, apricot preserve and herb beetroot is a unique generations old recipe carefully recreated with perfection every season. It is policy at meating to keep the menu and story authentic to prepare food that not easily available or commonly used especially in our region. Therefore all base ingredients have been sourced and transported from where they were discovered.

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Meating location. 18 Harbour road Kleinmond

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