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Harbour road Kleinmond

At Meating we serve popular rustic dishes flavoured with by what is gathered by its owner Joe Lategan and son Adriaan from the wild corners of the country while on filming expeditions and travels. Traditional plants are used such as "Spekboom" to produce a unique chutney or "Brakbos" chutney or "Haaskos" or "wild cucumber" or "Kambro" condiment collected from the deep Karoo our self.

(Picture) Take our springbok burger, springbok sourced and transported by Joe from the red dunes in the deep kalahari, handmade by Adriaan, Joe s son with spices carefully selected with "spekboom chutney" and "wild cucumber" from the dunes surrounding the Kgalagadi transfrontier park.

Each ingredient is sourced or contracted to local communities from the Kalahari or Karoo or elsewhere and then transported individually by Joe. Each is then paired with the specific venison dish. Venison is the best meat in South Africa without a doubt. It is also extremely healthy deprived of any preservatives, hormones or any other pollution. We also don't buy any venison. We for instance have a springbok burger that the animal were sourced and transported by us from the deep red dunes of the northern Kalahari.

Although we have popular dishes such as oxtail and curries rest assured our spices and flavours will have a long and authentic story specially brought to Meating to be enjoyed by you. So by visiting Meating you go on a time travel with each plate of food you eat.

Meating team

“Meat” Our Team

Our team at Meating is motivated and inspired to prepare each meal with love, good ingredients and attention.

Joe Lategan

I have been in the hospitality business for over three decades. The majority as a executive in Sun International casino, resort and hotels specializing in tourism risk management. similarly I have been a wildlife photographer for even longer. Meating allows me to bring together all my sensory creations such as photos, films, food and stories that I capture during travels.

Adriaan Lategan

As the son of Joe I grew up experiencing his life and passions such as wild places, wild animals, conservation effort, tourism and food.

My road similarly took me on the same roads as my father including specializing in tourism risk and gaming, Resort and investigations of criminal , gaming and labour risk.

I also after a short stint overseas joined my father in filming traveling and other ventures as well as Tsogo sun. I assisted with the opening of Meating and is the COO.

Charon (right)

Halo and nice “meating” you. I am a senior front of house server and have been in the restaurant business for over 5 years and with “meating” for almost two years.

Ulrica (left)

Welcome to “meating”. I am front of house senior. Chances are that you will see me at the door if I am not running to get food in the kitchen or next to a table serving customers. I will ensure your food ordere are places accurately and are dished according to our standards per plate.